HR Consulting

Sesomo’s HR Consulting can either function as a complete HR department if your company doesn’t have one, or work side-by-side with your organization’s HR department to manage certain strategic elements whenever a project becomes time-consuming and burdensome.

Our HR Consulting Projects include: Recruiting Services, HR Compliance Audits, Employee Handbooks, Compensation Plan Development, Employee Training, Organizational Planning, Professional Speaking and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

HR Outsourcing or HR Consulting Projects?

To find out which services may best satisfy your business’ HR needs, consider the following:

Do you currently find yourself questioning the need for a full-time HR Consulting or would you say you are disappointed with your present HR supplier?

After doing some careful thinking, have you reached the conclusion you require an ongoing key partner that contributes in the development of your organization’s HR objectives and sees them all the way through to their completion?

On the off chance that you answered yes to either one of these two questions, an HR Outsourcing partnership may be a solid match for your business.

Do you have a full-time HR expert in your company or are you are the HR professional?

Are you actively searching for an HR partner to enable you to finish a particular HR venture?

On the other hand, if you answered yes to either one of these two questions, an HR Consulting Project might be exactly what your business needs.

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