At Sesomo, we know any organization’s success depends largely on the skills of its workforce. It’s a well-known fact that those individuals who get trained and supported properly are much more motivated and productive than those who don’t.

As a recognized leader in professional training, we administer all your learning programs for you. We simplify this time-consuming task by finding the most qualified trainers in whatever field your workers need support and also, by getting them to impart top quality training to the personnel who needs it.

Our training division understands how crucial it is for any organization to keep up with our world’s ever changing standards, regulations and rising technologies.

We cover many areas in a wide variety of industries and we’ll sure contribute to your bringing out your organization’s true potential.

We offer you the possibility of choosing the most suitable option for your training program: we can either arrange in-house, face-to-face, virtual learning or e-Learning or even blended learning.

Our services won’t stop there, we’ll implement protocols to ensure your all of your training goals are achieved at the most appropriate pace. From assessment tasks to formal tests. We’ve got your back.

Our team will handle you detailed reports with precise data on the topics covered during the training, as well monitoring your employees’ throughout the whole process.