Sesomo’s tax preparation division offers all the tax services you need. Likewise, we offer all the documenting alternatives you need. You can either get one of our experts help you online throughout filing your taxes at home or you can file them at our office. We guarantee you’ll get your maximum tax refund.

Are you aware of all the tax deductions that can benefit your company?

What about the exact amount of corporation tax you will have to pay in the current period?

In case you have a small company, how well-informed are you on the tax deductions allowed to businesses like yours?

Is it safe to say you know by heart the tax result of your company at the moment? How about its loss & profit statement?

In the event that you answered “no” to any of the above inquiries, it’s probably best that you start considering counting on Sesomo’s expertise in the field. Avoid paying more than necessary according with the current legislation. Let our team plan the best possible tax strategy for your business.

Tax Analysis

When you choose to work with us, we will investigate your accounts and set up a customized plan alongside a financial disclosure. We’ll evaluate your assets and income in connection to your living costs. This will enable us to choose which the most suitable solution is best for you.

Tax Resolution

We have a broad knowledge and understanding of the current tax legislation in our country. We’ll enable you to understand which options are best for you and we’ll gather all the data we need to make your tax file. We will work directly with the Treasury Department(?), so you don’t have to.

Tax Planning

Finally, Sesomo seeks to make compliance achievable for everyone. Though tax planning, our team seeks to avoid even the slightest surprises. We’ll make your life easier by taking this boring (and many times complicated) task off your to-do list.