Payroll administration is a tedious process where blunders and errors are just waiting to happen. Why risking fines and penalties when you can let us execute our payroll services for you?

At Sesomo, we understand how to make your business more successful by giving you the chance to focus on the things that really matter.

We help both improving productivity and cutting costs as we take the “payroll” burden off your shoulders. We provide the most comprehensive payroll solutions for your business.

Everything from the very basics, such as:

  • Staff administration
  • Timely and accurate payroll processes
  • Detailed timesheet management

All the way to more complex tasks like:

  • Payroll taxes and deductions
  • Social Security
  • Wage verifications.
  • Unemployment compensation forms
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance costs

Stop working on payroll and we will do the work for you

With Sesomo, you get:

A world class payroll service at an affordable price – get a customized plan based on your specific needs

Helpful customer care – we’ll solve any questions you have at any stage of the process

All the work done timely and flawlessly

Happier employees

A simple way of making your life easier

A way to run your business more efficiently